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New Near-Infrared Sortable Black Masterbatch

Sukano Masterbatches Demonstrate Long-term Antiviral Effect
* Results showed that over 98 % of the Feline Coronavirus was eliminated within the first two hours
* Tested on both PET and PA applications in various end applications, including fabrics, injection molded parts and films extrusion

Gabriel-Chemie Celebrates 70th Anniversary


Running PCR? Optimize Performance & Processability with Stabilizers

Choosing the Right PVC Stabiliser Supplier – Consistency is the Key


The Thermo-Oxidative Durability of Polyethylene Reinforced with Wood-based Fibres
Reinforcement with 20 % cellulose fibre having a 28 % lignin content together with 0.005 % Irganox 1010 antioxidant resulted in a remarkable improvement in the resistance against accelerated thermo-oxidation, compared to the pure polyethylene with added antioxidant.

Quantification and Elimination of Substituted Synthetic Phenolics and VOCs in the Wastewater Treatment Plant During the Production of Industrial Scale Polypropylene
 Irganox 1010, DTF, Cyanox 1790, Ethanox 330 and Irganox 1076 were identified.

Abiotic and Biotic Degradations of a LDPE Blend in Soil of South Brazil Landfill

Invertebrate Responses to Microplastic Ingestion: Reviewing the Role of the Antioxidant System

Laboratory Comparison of the Interactions Between Three Plastic Mulch Types and 38 Active Substances Found in Pesticides

Biodegradation of the Plastics PLA and PET in Cultivated Soil with the Participation of Microorganisms and Plants <>

Evaluating Scenarios Toward Zero Plastic Pollution


Webinar on Migration Testing for Recycled Plastics (October 21, 2020)


Rapid and Accurate Determination of  Antioxidant and UV Stabilisers in Polymers (Full Additive Screen by ExcelPlas Labs)

Accelerated Weathering of Polymers and Determining The Resistance of Polymers to UV

Polymer Testing Laboratory for All Your Plastic and Masterbatch Testing Needs
As a manufacturer or processor of plastic products you can only comply with high quality standards if you accurately know the material characteristics and material properties. EXCELPLAS gives you safety in the use of plastics.  The experienced materials experts in our laboratories examine your plastics specimens and samples using state-of-the-art testing technology and many years of expertise. Whether regarding solids, powder or liquids, we provide you with solid results quickly and reliably. You thus receive recognized proof of the desired material properties and chemical composition of your materials.
EXCELPLAS offers the following polymer testing services:
• Identification of plastics by FTIR
• Determination of the glass transition temperature by DSC
• Determination of the melting temperature by DSC
• Detection of solvents by GC-MS
• Identification of pigments and fillers by XRD
• Determination of type and level of stabilizers by LC-MS
• Testing the hardening properties of thermosets by DSC
• Determination of crystallinity by DSC
• Determination of antioxidant and stabiliser levels by OIT
• Examination of fracture surfaces using the scanning electron microscope (SEM)
• Tensile tests 
• Pressure tests 
• Bending tests
• Charpy impact strength and notched impact strength
• Shore A and shore D hardness testing

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