August 2020 Vol. 3

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BASF to Expand Production Capacity for Irganox 1010 Globally (Breaking News)

U.S. Army Commits up to $11 Million for Polymer Research


Antioxidant Packaging Films Based on Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (EVOH) and Caffeic Acid

SABIC Patent Use of New Antioxidant Cholestanyl Ferulate in HDPE Pipe

Marlex Bimodal Corrugated Pipe Resin has > 100 mins Oxidative Induction Time (OIT)

Active Biodegradable Packaging Films Modified with Grape Seeds Lignin

Comprehensive Analysis of Polymer Additives by ExcelPlas Labs
ExcelPlas Labs has been providing expert polymer analysis services since 1990s. We have successfully quantitated and previously analyzed many of the commercially available polymer additives and fillers. Our extensive polymer additive library and established methodology allow us to easily recognize many current and former polymer additives. Quantitation down to the low parts per million for most additives is routine.


Rapid Production of Micro- and Nanoplastics by Fragmentation of Expanded Polystyrene Exposed to Sunlight

Major Companies and Retailers Join BASF’s reciChain™ pilot to Improve Circular Economy and Traceability of Recycled Plastics in Canada

BASF’s reciChain™ Project Starting to Gain Traction in Canada

Review of Commercial Marine-Degradable Polymers for Flexible Packaging

The Influence of the Accelerated Aging Conditions on the Properties of Polyolefin Geogrids Used for Landfill Slope Reinforcement


Borealis Reports 80% Profit Slide and Major Projects Suffer Delays,the-20COVID-2D19-20pandemic-2C-20reported

SABIC Reports 29% Profit Slump for 2020 Second-Quarter Sales Compared to 2019,billion-20riyals-20a-20year-20earlier

Sabic Q2 Revenue Drops 29% to $6.57bn

Exxon Reported $1 Billion Loss for Q2 2020

LyondellBasell Reports Second Quarter 2020 Earnings–financial-news/lyondellbasell-reports-second-quarter-2020-earnings/

BASF Profit Warning Ripples Through Economy

Segment Reporting – BASF Half-Year Financial Report 2020


The Effects of Rubber Nanoparticles with Different Polarities on Thermal Properties and Foaming Performance of Polypropylene Blends


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