December 2019 Vol. 2

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Cabot Debuts Carbon Masterbatches Based on Post-Industrial Carbon Black and Recycled Polymers
TECHBLAK™ 85 series by Cabot are black masterbatches made from post-industrial carbon black and recycled polymers 

Polyone in Taks to Buy Clariant Masterbatch Unit

2020 Vision Not Clear for Plastics Compounders

Clariant Additive Masterbatch Makes Black Plastic Packaging ‘Visible’ to Sorting Systems 

Clariant Said to Discuss $1.5 Billion Unit Sale With PolyOne 

Clariant Launches 25 Organic Pigments for Bioplastics

Clariant is Planning a Billion-Dollar Deal for the New Group Tag 

Clariant Blowing Agent Masterbatches Achieve BMW Automotive Weight-saving Success Story 

ExcelPlas Labs Can Give Full Deformulation Analysis of Antioxidants and HALS Stabilizers in Polymers (Cost Effective & Rapid Turnaround) 

Clariant Launches First Plastics Research Centre 

Woon Keat Moh Appointed Colour and Additives President for Polyone 

Clariant Making its Additives Fit for Reuse Allowing Re and Upcycling 

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