March 2016 Vol. 2

Cabot Corporation Expands its Range of Universal Masterbatch Products

New Graphene Masterbatch Soon to be Available in Australia

Nuplex Issue their2016 Financial Year – Half Year Report

Clariant Publishes Annual Report

Federal Court – Primaplas Pty Ltd v Chief Executive Officer of Customs

New Clariant Liquid Additive Masterbatch Reduces Yellowing and Greying of Recycled PET

Fire Retardancy Webinar Series  April 19 | 2PM – 3PM EST
Commercial Flame Retardants: Properties and Applications

ExcelPlas Labs (Melbourne) Now Offering Limiting Oxygen Index for Polymers and FR Compounds

New Bacteria Breaksdown PET Bottles

PET recycling revolution fuelled by New Plastic-munching Bacteria

New PET Type Plastic PEF Made from Carbon Dioxide and Plants

Evaluating potential of synthesized additives in plastic films

Patterson adds chairman to his PolyOne titles

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