March 2016 Vol. 1

Axieo acquires Quantum Chemicals

New Clariant Liquid Additive Masterbatch Reduces Yellowing and Greying of Recycled PET

New Calcium Carbonate (80% CaCO3) Filler Masterbatch

Clariant Introduces Scratch Resistant Masterbatches for PP

Specialist Masterbatch for Wood Polymer Composites

Alexium (Perth) Introduces Flame Retardant Masterbatches and Additives

ExcelPlas Labs (Melbourne) Now Offering Limiting Oxygen Index for Polymers and FR Compounds

New BASF Senior Account Manager with Polymer Masterbatch Experience

Polymer Cable Insulation Cracking Again due to Faulty Masterbatches

New Antistatic Masterbatch for PP

Matrix Polymers – Rotathene® SUPA UV Making Tanks Built to Last

New Cabot Black Masterbatch for Geomembranes Significantly Boosts Heat and UV Stability of HDPE

New Research Shows How Antioxidants and Stabilizers Depletion Occurs in HDPE & LLDPE;jsessionid=A80B1A93C995DC62EB9A652634AB9260.f03t01?userIsAuthenticated=false&deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=

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