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Cabot Corporation Provides Update on Fourth Quarter 2020 Business Results and Reschedules Announcement of Fourth Quarter Operating Results

Mayzo Inc, A Leading Supplier, And Manufacturer Of Specialty Additives Announces Acquisition of Bio Accutech Inc.

Polyvel Releases New Additive Masterbatches for Use in Polypropylene Nonwovens

Metal Additive Masterbatches for Growing Engineered Plastics Market


Understanding Dispersion of Copper Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue Pigment in Polyethylene Masterbatch with the Use of Wax

Degradation of Flame Retardance: A Comparison of EVA and LDPE Cables With Two Different Metal Hydroxides


Properties of Graphene-Related Materials Controlling the Thermal Conductivity of Their Polymer Nanocomposites

Thermally Exfoliated Graphene Oxide Reinforced Polycaprolactone-based Bactericidal Nanocomposites for Food Packaging Applications

Influence of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforcement on Mechanical Properties of Polymer Composites

Novel LDPE/Vermiculite/Antifungal Hybrid Nanocomposites for Films

Flame Retardancy of Polyethylene Composites: From Fundamental Concepts to Nanocomposites

Micromechanical Performance of HDPE-Alumina Nanocomposites

Vermiculite-Polyethylene Hybrid Packaging Films for Keep-Freshness of Bananas with Enhanced Oxygen and Water–Vapor Permeability

Impact Study of New Formulations Based on Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


A Review – Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) in the Packaging Industry

Additives to Upgrade Scrap PET into High-Quality Engineering Polymer Compounds [PDF]​


BOREALIS AG Patents Polymer Composition and Cable with Advantageous Electrical Properties

Talc Improves Pipe Performance in Geothermal Heat Pump Systems


Vulcanizate Structures of SBR Compounds with Silica and Carbon Black Binary Filler Systems at Different Curing Temperatures

The Impedance Characterisation of Carbon Black Epoxy Composites

Elastomers and Polymers – Can the Demand for Improved Sustainability be Satisfied?

Sustainability in the Carbon Black Industry by Dr. Gilles Moninot, Birla Carbon


Concentrating Accelerated Weathering Test Applied in Weatherability Evaluation and Service Life Prediction of Polymeric Materials: A Review

Application of Short-Term Methods to Estimate the Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance of Recycled HDPE PE100 SABIC VESTOLEN

Effect of Film Fabricating Conditions and its Implications on Mechanical Properties of HDPE Film

Effect of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Cross-Contamination on Slow Crack Growth Resistance of HDPE Pipe

ExcelPlas is an Independent Polymer & Additives Testing Lab that Provides Highly-customized Analytical Solutions to its Clients
The lab provides chemical analysis, physical tests, and research and development assistance, among other services.
“We have a large client base in the geosynthetic, pressure pipes, plastics and rubber, transportation, and consumer products industries,”  “The types of projects we work on can be categorized as failure analysis, material characterization, quality control, and competitor product analysis.


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