August 2020 Vol. 2

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Avient (the New PolyOne): Announces Second Quarter 2020 Results (Breaking News)
PolyOne has rebranded to ‘Avient’ following the acquisition of the colour masterbatch businesses of Clariant

Recovery Underway for Resin Distribution in 2020 (Breaking News)

Clariant Makes Dark Colours NIR Detectable

Polymer Company Avient Appoints New Chief Financial Officer (Breaking News)

Development of Bamboo Charcoal Masterbatch for Polymer Composites

Ampacet Extends Availability of GermsClean™ Antimicrobial Additive Masterbatch Due to COVID Demand (Breaking News)

Silver-Based Antimicrobial Masterbatches for Polymers in High Demand with COVID (Breaking News)

Rapid and Accurate Determination of  Antioxidant and UV Stabilisers in Polymers (Full Additive Screen by ExcelPlas Labs)

Discrimination of Virgin and Recycled Polyethylene Based on Volatile Organic Compounds Using a Headspace GC-MS Coupled with Chemometrics Approach

Occurrence, Toxicity and Risk Assessment of Plastic Additives in Besos River, Spain  (New Research)

Transfer of Toxic Additives from Plastics to Sea Birds (New Research)

Apply Risk Management Principles to Improve Extrusion Operations

Accelerated Weathering of Polymers and Determining The Resistance of Polymers to UV

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