December 2019 Vol. 1

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Ampacet Showcases Recent R3 Product Introductions
• REC-NIR-Black: a masterbatch concentrate for black plastics that enables scanning by NIR technology for automated sorting at recycling facilities. The material was named 2019 Product Innovation of the Year at Plastics Recycling Awards Europe.
• Blue Edge and Green Edge: additives that counteract the yellowish/discoloration found with some post-consumer recycled materials. The additives enable increased use of post-consumer recycled content.
• ReVive Multifunctional Compatibilizer: enables recycling of polyolefin and barrier materials for post-industrial and post-consumer applications. The material also reduces the volume of material sent to landfills. 

Polymer Antioxidants in the Spotlight in PP Mesh Lawsuit in the Federal Court
Two antioxidants: dilauryl thiodipropionate (or DLTDP), to improve long-term storage of the resin and fibre and to reduce the potential oxidative reaction with UV light, and Santonox R, to promote stability during compounding and extrusion. 

SABO to Upgrade SABO®STAB UV 119 Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer Manufacturing Unit 

BASF Light Stabilisers Protecting Playgrounds 

ExcelPlas Labs Can Give Full Analysis of Antioxidants and HALS Stabilizers in Polyolefins (Cost Effective & Rapid Turnaround) 

BASF’s Plastic Additives Improve the Manufacture and Functionality of Underwater Cable Sheathing 

Dover Receive FDA Clearance for Doverphos LGP-12 

Silvergate Pigments Pigment Clogging Masterbatches 

Clariant Launches Antimony-trioxide-free Laser-marking System For Livestock Ear Tags

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