March 2020 Vol. 1

MNA – All the latest news on Additives, Masterbatches and Concentrates for the Polymer Industry

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Clariant to Slash 600 Jobs as Profit Plunges, Outlook Dims (Breaking News)

BASF’s Plastic Additive Shields 5G Base Stations from UV Light

BASF Additives Help Improve Highways in India Through Improved Durability

BASF’s Plastic Additives Improve the Manufacture and Functionality of Underwater Cable Sheathing

Degraded Polyethylene Leads to Gas Pipeline Explosion

Oxidized Polyethylene Blamed for Gas Pipeline Blast

Do You Want to Know What is in Your Masterbatch or Polymer Compound?
ExcelPlas Labs can do a complete elemental deformulation for inorganic additives such as pigments, fillers, flame retardants, reinforcements, etc in polymer compounds.

BASF Showcases Additive Solutions for the Entire Packaging Life Cycle at Interpack 2020

Clariant Launches Medical Polymer Compounds Resistant To Hydrolytic Degradation

Clariant Releases Masterbatch Range for Automotive Plastic Connectors

Clariant Masterbatches Debuts Colors for High Temperature Resins

ExcelPlas Laboratories Melbourne offer support services for the chemical identification and quantification of polymer additives
Reverse Formulation, Deformulation of Plastics and Polymer Compounds – Over 25 years Experience in Polymer Analysis

Plastic Pellets Trigger Feeding Responses in Sea Anemones (Breaking News)

Microplastics Found in Deep Sea Creatures  (Breaking News)

River of Plastic Waste in Africa (Shocking Video)

Footage Capture of Dumping of Plastics into Indian Rivers

More Dumping of Plastics into Indian Rivers  (Shocking Video)

Dumping of Plastics into Rivers (Río Amarillo, Provincia de El Oro, Ecuador)

PolyOne Develops New Silicone Alternative TPE for Medical Tubing

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