March 2020 Vol. 2

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PolyOne/Clariant Masterbatch Deal in Doubt Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Materials Firms Watch, Wait for Coronavirus Impact

Italy’s Polymer Supply Chain at Risk from Coronavirus Outbreak

Pandemic Shakes the Suddenly Atypical Plastics Sector

Holcobatch™: The First Eco-friendly Masterbatch?

Clariant Masterbatches Earn ‘OK’ Certification for Home and Industrial Composting

Ampacet REVIVE™ 962 E offers a sustainable solution for multi-material polyolefin barrier packaging that enables use of reclaimed material in quality film

ExcelPlas Labs Can Give Full Deformulation Analysis of Antioxidants and HALS Stabilizers in Polymers (Cost Effective & Rapid Turnaround)

Sukano’s NIR Detectable Black Masterbatch Makes it onto French Positive List

BPF Letter to Government In Response to Coronavirus

First COMPEO Compounding System For Color Masterbatch

ExcelPlas Labs Offer Specific Filler Identification in Masterbatches by XRD
-distinguish between anatase and rutile titanium dioxide pigments
-identify specific type of clay or silica fillers
-identify specific mineral flame retardants such as ATH and MDH
-determine crystalline silica content of inorganic fillers for plastics

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